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Better World Nepal is a non partisan and non profit social change organization. It aims at the development of person, nation and finally the whole world. Our members are individuals and organization who are dedicated to work together to make Better Nepal and move forward to make better world. We believe on our philosophy that until and unless we change our self we can’t change others. Nepal itself being a developing county our main target is to bring change first in Nepal in order to bring change in the whole world.

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Inspired by Hope

HOPE- It is the hope that gives value to the life. You can get anything even if you lose everything but retain the hope. With…

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There are millions of ways to help us, and we value your ideas and dedication the most. Please contact us by stating how you want…

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Welcome to Better World

Welcome to Better World

Posted Jul 24, 2017 by admin

Only those who make some significant contribution to the society…

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Volunteering to bring change in the life of people and the society is the ultimate thing that human being can do for another human being. We admire and value your…

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