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The Philosophy of Better World Family Nepal is based on following six pillars

EDUCATION is incorporated into all better world projects. It is imperative for the achievement of our goals that the global public is aware of the challenges which we face. In our business endeavors we seek to teach people the power which consumers have. In other projects we incorporate an education program.

MULTICULTURALISM is important to us because the world is multi cultural. Since we seek to influence and create change on a global level we must be comfortable—and in fact—embrace diversity. We believe that our ability to unify diverse peoples is our ability to be strong. In culturally diverse areas in which we are active we will seek to incorporate all peoples.

SUSTAINABILITY is the foundation of better world projects. To us sustainability is multi faceted. It includes environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability. In short all of our projects are executed with an eye for the long term impact.

GLOBAL COOPERATION is the framework within which our family operates. We seek to create a global network of revolutionaries committed to creating solidarity in the many struggles facing the world. It is our goal to cooperate not only in achieving success in specific struggles throughout the world but also to insure that the ultimate goal of this struggles will to be the creation of a just and sustainable world system.

SOCIAL JUSTICE is the central pillar of our ideology. We understand that until the world system is justifiable to a vast majority of the world’s population we will continue to face the scourge of war.

PEACE is quite simply our ultimate goal. In everything we do we maintain a strict code of peace except in direct self defense. Violence is the natural response to conflict. Conversation and cooperation is the civilized response to conflict. The better world family is a civilized organization.

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